About us

About us

We are your party planner in Tallinn. Know more about us: Party in Tallinn is an original and premium VIP service in Tallinn. We are a company based in Tallinn with an international team of professional and reliable people living in the city.

Party in Tallinn plans your entire stay professionally and assures that your break getaway is meticulously planned and every detail is cared for. You don't get a chance to relax and take a break off very often, so let us pamper and work for you the entire weekend!

Our mission is to make sure that all our visitors in this great place have one of the best party times in their life. Our core values are creativity & passion and our warranty is that we won't sell you anything unless we love it. We promote party, entertainment and fun but do not encourage or provide escort services.

If you have any question or comment, please, contact us or leave us your feedback.


Our charming hostess will take care of you and your group and make sure you will have the best party ever!

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