Symphonic Cinema: Flight to Neverland
16th July 2016

Alion Baltic Music Festival 2016 presents:

July 16 in the most creative hall of Tallinn Kultuurikatel in cooperation with a festival “the Tallinn days of the sea” concert «Symphonic Cinema: Flight to Neverland» performed by an orchestra of the northwest of Russia.

The Symphony Orchestra of North-Western Russia – a project that brings together the best musicians that always receive the audience’s highest recognition. The artistic director and conductor of the orchestra – Gennady Chernov.

The orchestra plays in totally different genres and likes to experiment with their repertoire.
In cooperation with The Tallinn Maritime Days Festival, Alion Baltic International Music festival presents the orchestra, featuring a selection from world-famous movies: “The Godfather,” “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Star Wars”, “ET” and other masterpieces of cinema that the audience always meets with enthusiasm and warmth.

Isaac Dunaevsky «The Children of Captain Grant».
Richard Rogers «The Sound of Music».
Andrea Silvestri «Forrest Gump».
John Williams «Jurassic Park» , «Across the Stars»,«E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial».
Nino Rota «Romeo and Juliet», «La Dolce Vita».
John Williams «Flight to Neverland».
Hans Zimmer, «Pirates of the Caribbean».
Klaus Badelt. Fantasy based on music from the film series.

The Founder – Artistic Director of the Alion Baltic International Music Festival – Michael Bulychev-Okser , american pianist, composer, and producer whose name is included in the Outstanding People of the 20th Century edition and the Cambridge reference book “Who Is Who in the World of Music”.

Symphonic Cinema Flight to Neverland