Soviet Prison Experience

Soviet Prison Experience

Don`t be scared, everything is fictitious but be ready to see some Russian soldiers jumping out of an old soviet bus, arresting all of you and taking you into the bus.

The bus will drive you to the old soviet prison where you must respect the prison rules and life style (registration, staying in some impure cells, respect mad warders orders etc.).Suddenly you will hear some shootings and cries and...

Want to know more? Just try it as it`s an unforgettable experience for you and your unaware friends.

Duration: (incl. transportation): 2 hours approx.


  • transportation,
  • Party in Tallinn hostess,
  • visit of horrible, not heated and not air-conditioned rooms,
  • not friendly and impolite treatments,
  • feeling of oppression,
  • stinky environment and, of course, a lot of fun!!


  • Accommodation (not in the prison)
  • No hostess

Price per person: EUR 60 (based on 10 persons group)

Please contact us for booking