Military Simulation

Military Simulation

The military simulation in Tallinn is a full day activity organised for you and your group in order to give you stories to tell to your friends once you`ll back home.

It`s a mix of ambushes with smoke grenades, explosions, shooting ( different types of small firearms and the semi-automatic Kalashnikov), mines fields, transfer with tank, rappelling activities, soldiers food etc.

Team building approach, bravery, desire of fun it`s all what is required and do not worry the activity is safe and under the control of our instructors.

Duration: Full day activity


  • 2 ways transfer,
  • Party in Tallinn`s hostess,
  • event organization and activities ( ambushes, rappelling, shooting with various weapons-25 shoots per person),
  • minefield,
  • transfer with tank,
  • food & drinks,
  • training and the assistance of some instructors.


Price per person: EUR 165 (based on 10 persons group)
Possibility to book for smaller group (minimum 5 participants). Maximum 40 persons.

Please contact us for booking